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What is Loofah ?

The Loofah is a climbing plant mostly in oriental countries. It is the only plant known that can be raised and used as a sponge. It has been used for thousands of years for body care for its unique exfoliating properties. After maturation, the vegetable is cropped, cleaned and dried. Its fruits are cylindrical and during ripening the interior is transformed into a dense network of fibers. The popularity of the Egyptian loofah for personal hygiene products is due to the gentle exfoliating effect the fibers have on the skin. It deep cleanses and conditions your skin naturally.

Why using Horus Loofah?

Loofah Products are a very wide range of shapes, which provide a soft, resilient and efficient exfoliation when used under the shower or in the bath. It is also used to make different shapes for household use. We cope with International health, environment and quality standards, as our factory is located in the center of the farm where we plant our natural Loofah. Horus™ Body Loofah Products pass through strict quality control procedures and double checks as our major emphasis has been always on customer’s satisfaction – Quality wise & Quantity wise. Horus™ Body Loofah products are, 100% natural fiber, cultivated in a healthy chemical free, fertilizers free toxic free environment supervised by: The Egyptian BIO AGRECULTURE CENTER (COAE), which is interdependent by: Deutscher Akkreditierung Rat (German Accreditation Council)

In addition to ISO9001 , ISO180001, and SGS Quality control certified.

How to use loofah?

The Loofah article can be used regularly to activate the peripheral circulation, stimulate and drain the lymphatic system, exfoliate and soften the skin : 1st Wet the Loofah 2nd Use it alone or with any favorite bath product 3rd Massage in circular movements, starting from the palm of the hands or the feet, working up the body towards the heart. The intensity of the massage is determined by the skin type and personal needs. The loofah is a personal item.Every family member should have his own loofah.The Loofah requires rigorous hygiene. Drain it after use in order to maintain its qualities. The superior quality Egyptian loofah is machine washable, Experience a unique sensation only nature can provide , Wet your new LOOFAH sponge and it will soften immediately Apply with foam bath gel or soap and enjoy the super sensation of Natural freshness all over your body . MASSAGE TECHNIQUE A. Up & Down for legs and arms towards heart direction. B. Circular motion for the back and body. C. Avoid broken skin areas. D. Massage young skin very gently.

Caring for a Loofah

A- Rinse your loofah after each use. Use hot, clean water, making sure all the soap is gone. Soap left in the loofah could begin to smell.

B- Dry the loofah completely between uses. Put it in a place with good circulation so it can dry completely. Since many bathroom stay humid, you might want to dry the loofah in a different room. Drying it out will prevent bacteria from growing out of control inside the loofah.

C- Sanitize the loofah once a week. You can run it through a hot wash cycle with your towels, run it through the dishwasher, or boil it in hot water for several minutes to kill any bacteria that might be growing. No matter what method you use, do it at least once a week to make sure the loofah stays healthy for use.