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Egyptian vs. Asian Loofah

There are two types of loofah, Egyptian Loofah and Asian Loofah, and there is a clear difference between the two types in terms of texture…

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Horus™ Body Loofah products catalog

Horus™ Body Loofah Products pass through strict quality control procedures and double checks as our major emphasis has been always on customer’s satisfaction…

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Loofah at farm

The Luffa Farm is one of the only growers of luffa sponges in Egypt. Horus loofah farms is a family operation that grows and sells natural luffa sponges. We also…

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Loofah at Horus Factory

4th Stage “Slotting”: Specialized Handlers make a little cutting process through the top of loofah to down, in order to transform the cone shape of…

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Horus ™ Natural Body Loofah Products

Morsy Brothers Group

The philosophies of commitment of quality service and professional approach have made it possible for us to achieve a rapid growth in short span of time. We always emphasize on customer’s satisfaction — Quality wise & Quantity wise, and we are currently trying to increase our market share in the international market as we have been exporting our products to Canada, Germany, France, Slovakia, Italy, Greece, and most of the North African and Gulf countries. Also, we can introduce our products embroidered, which are usually used in promoting processes for organizations like (Hotels, cosmetics companies, and resorts & spa). But Let us first determine is it nature !

Our Process

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  • Egyptian Natural Loofah
  • Growing luffa plants requires a certain amount of patience
  • A large loofah or a smaller piece on a handle

We cope with International health, environment and quality standards, as our factory is located in the center of the farm where we plant our natural Loofah.

The Loofah is a climbing plant mostly in oriental countries. It is the only plant known that can be raised and used as a sponge. It has been used for thousands of years for body care for its unique exfoliating properties.

After maturation, the vegetable is cropped, cleaned and dried. Its fruits are cylindrical and during ripening the interior is transformed into a dense network of fibers.

The popularity of the Egyptian loofah for personal hygiene products is due to the gentle exfoliating effect the fibers have on the skin. It deep cleanses and conditions your skin naturally.

Loofah Products are a very wide range of shapes, which provide a soft, resilient and efficient exfoliation when used under the shower or in the bath. It is also used to make different shapes for household use.