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At the beginning of 2001, Horus factory was established to produce natural bath loofah products, in order to introduce the world to the Egyptian Loofah, which has been cultivated in Egypt since ancient times (since the Pharaohs).

The plant was established in the vicinity of Kafr El Dawar which is famous for high qualified loofah fabrics and in the center of a plot of agricultural land where we cultivate the natural loofah, where we grow the Loofah without adding any pesticides or chemicals as our products are natural products and have international Organic certificates.

Horus factory transforms the mature cylindric Loofah from the natural green form into many shapes to suit each individual’s request and use, along with adding the Egyptian cotton towel to the Loofah so that the user of Horus Loofah can enjoy the characteristics of the Egyptian loofah and Egyptian cotton together.

Horus factory is exporting Loofah products to many countries, for most European Union countries, most Gulf countries, Canada, America, and Australia.

Horus Factory, a leading producer and exporter of The Egyptian bath Natural loofah Horus™ Body Loofah products (natural body massage and exfoliator), with various shapes and uses, which are prepared according to the best international health, environment and quality standards and made of 100%

natural materials, certified according to the EU Organic Regulation 2092/1991 for cultivation and processing.