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4th Stage : Slotting

Specialized Handlers make a little cutting process through the top of loofah to down, in order to transform the cone shape of loofa into a flatter shape.

5th Stage : Whitening & Eluterating

At this stage, farmers start to crop loofah plants at the beginning of September till the end of January (cropping season).

6th Stage : Manufacturing Process

A- Cauterization: Loofah goes through a special machine in order to make loofah more flat with a little thickness, in order to format it in the next step.

B- Forms: Here, loofah goes through a special electric Hydriolic scissors for shaping loofah forms (Rounded, Palm, Glove, Wallet, Back… etc.), and then loofah becomes ready for the next step.

D- Sewing & Finishing:

Loofah goes through some different sewing machines, in order to drive loofah to the final step, also in this step quality staff is concerned with cutting loofah the pluses such as (threads).

E- Controlling & Packing:

Here, quality staff makes another checking process to loofah pieces in order to remove any defective piece of loofah, and then packing workers make packages according to the customer agreement.

As you notice.. Quality control is applied to the entire manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality we believe that our customers deserve…

F- Packing & Binding

Here we make package according to the customer requirement which agreed in the order