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By the end of Sep. of year 1972, Morsy Brothers Group had been established in Kafr EL-Dawar City, EL-Behera Governorate, Egypt. First formulation of Morsy Brothers Co. was for (Exporting, Importing, and General Contracts) at the end of year 1972, as our group had started working in General Electrical Contracts field for public & private sectors (setting up all fittings which concerned with residential houses, residential towers, factories, and streets lights). More over at the beginning of year 1979 another new activity had been added to our group, which is presented by constructing a group of dealer shops for selling all kinds of electrical articles (Lightings, cables, wires, switches, … etc. & also all kinds of Cupric Chandeliers and Antiques), along with exporting transactions for (fruits & vegetables) to EU & Gulf countries, and some importing transactions for some agricultural urns. By the beginning of year 2001 was the construction of Horus Factory (For producing natural bath Loofa products). By the end of 2004 that was the construction of AL-Thuraya Factory (For manufacturing Cupric Chandeliers & Cupric Antiques, and you can visit us on our website for chandeliers & antiques ).